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Mosquito Squad has been in operation in Cincinnati for 8 years providing high quality service to hundreds of customers in the area. We are pleased to give you references at your request.

Here are what our customers are saying in reviews:

The crew is friendly, courteous and efficient. It’s great being able to enjoy my yard in the middle of summer with no mosquitoes. I highly recommend Mosquito Squad!
B.G.,Hyde Park – September 2017

Always dependable and considerate of our needs!
D.B., Kenwood -September 2017

Your product works. And everyone in your company is courteous and timely.
B.B., Hyde Park – September 2017

Mosquito control was fabulous. I actually enjoyed my yard this year, instead of wishing for a screened in porch! Also, interestingly, immediately after our first treatment, the stinkbugs that had been coming into the house completely disappeared and haven’t been seen since! The crew was also very responsive and, if I had a scheduling issue, very understanding and always accommodating. Thanks so much for a great outdoor season.
J.I., Hyde Park – September 2016

Nicole – gives personal and caring touch. More than just a regular service. Sends us an email before each treatment, which invites us to let her know if any questions or special circumstances. Responds immediately if we email with any requests, such as making sure we take care of things before a party. Most importantly, we have been largely mosquito free this summer!
M.R., Wyoming – September 2016

It works!! Best summer ever in our backyard in spite of all the rain.
J.L., Mariemont – September 2017

Effective results – Excellent people skills – Very considerate of environment surrounding the area treated, ie, contacting neighbors advising to keep pets & children away from yard in the next 30 minutes after the application.
L.G., Greenhills, OH – September 2017

#1) It works as advertised. 2) Courteous, attentive and thoughtful service. Thanks!
T.L., Walnut Hills – July 2017

There is plenty of heads up about your plan for treatment days. You all are very considerate of the fact that I have pets, and you never leave a gate open by mistake. Thank you very much!
J.S., Glendale – June 2017

Friendly service, good email messages. easy to pay. nice staff. Mosquitoes are much better!
A.S., Mt. Lookout – June 2017

Not having mosquitos. Ever!
K.M., Mariemont, OH – June 2017

I used to get mosquito bites every time I would I would go in my backyard- both during the evening and daytime. Since Mosquito squad, I have not been bit in my yard a single time. And I spend a great deal of time out there with my dogs. It is so nice to be able to enjoy our back deck finally.
S.E., Anderson – June 2017

So far it has been a great relief from the bugs and they have been very professional.
S.S., Batavia – June 2017

We spend a lot of time in the back yard with our kids. When the heat lifts a little, we also eat on our deck a lot after grilling. It’s awesome not to fight mosquitos while enjoying those life moments. I also like knowing when you are coming so we and our neighbors can bring in our pets and that you come back promptly when we or another neighbor experience mosquitoes in our treated areas.
R.B., Mt. Lookout – June 2017

It is fast, effective, and doesn’t do anything to disrupt our schedule.
E.B., Mariemont – June 2017

I don’t get bitten in the face when I swim.
J.R., Montgomery – June 2015

On schedule. Polite and direct employees.
P.M., Hyde Park – June 2017

Haven’t seen a mosquito since you started spraying!
P.C., Loveland – June 2016

Flexibility, reliability, professionalism and the results.
D.L., Montgomery – June 2016

Communication with your clients is great and the product seems to work!
A.V.L., Cincinnati – June 2016

I like that my kids can play outside without having to be covered in bug spray. Also that it’s a quick easy process.
B.N., Cincinnati, OH – June 2016

The treatment works! We are able to enjoy our backyard again. – It’s quick, doesn’t affect kids or pets after the requisite 30 min period. – We don’t have to constantly spray on insect repellents on ourselves or the kids. – The payment, setup and other aspects are easy. – If we do have a problem, the team is very responsive.
R.I. , Wyoming, OH – May 2017

Your workers were very nice, and they didn’t miss a bush or tree! This is the 3rd year we have had your service and we are very pleased with the results.
R.H., Clifton – May 2017

The owner was so professional and easy to work with. The service provided immediate relief in our backyard. We had the spray done right before a big party and had not one complaint about bugs. The spray schedule was very accommodating. Thank you Mosquito Squad!
J.L., Anderson – May 2017

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